Zion (2010)

‘Zion’ guides the audience on a journey, organized by body motors which are proposing the notion of unity and oneness. Industrial bio-mechanics construct bodyscape, a functional moving force which creates progression. This process of progress is leading to catharsis.
A remarkable combination of body-art, music and movement makes this creation unique.
Contemporary dance, painted bodies and live musicians on-stage merge together to invite the spectator on a stunning experience.
Zion is a dance piece about the Rise and Fall of the Civilizations.

Choreography Svetlin Velchev
Music Bop & Random INC.
Dancers Dane Badal, Thijs Huizer, Isabela Orzelowska, Rutkay Özpinar, Lauren Pollitt, Myronne Rietbergen, Emilie de Roo, Jouke Rouwenhorst, Baptiste Sandere, Giacomo Severini Bonazelli, Gray Timmer, Kayla Tuggle, Lisanne Venema, Adrian Wanliss, Natali Wauer, Joshua Wolchansky, Guilia Wolthuis