Monologues / Dialogues

The darkest light can illuminate. Being negative in a positive way, we take our time in the fast lane, telling lies very truthfully. We stand so far apart from each other, trying to hold on to something when there is actually nothing.

Always dreaming of something we can never have, thinking of starting something we could never finish.

Sometimes we find pleasure in pain and experience success in our failures, witnessing paradoxes every day. Never realizing how much we win when we lose. Being sad when we should be happy, living in a denial.

So the existential question is: do we have to contradict ourselves to get what we really need and do we remember to contradict to find what we actually like? Perhaps it is a common unconsciousness, hidden in a plain sight, to always take the opposite direction.

Contradiction is the nature of the way we live. The most simple example for it is that in life there is death, monologues can be in a dialogue with someone else and without sadness there will be no happiness.

Monologues / Dialogues 2014
Concept & Choreography Svetlin Velchev
Music Gunnar Gunnsteinsson
Dancers Kim Hoogterp, Jagoda Bobrowska, Bryan Atmopawiro, Irina Baldini, Svetlin Velchev, Jos Daamen, Lorenzo Capodieci