Fragments Trilogy

Fragments Trilogy

Inspired by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity or the current description of gravitation in modern physics. The idea shares the urge to rediscover and reveal the true nature of our planet and express that in art exhibit goal with choreography.

In the program you see compilation of three various projects based on gravity movement explorations:
Fragment #1: The Performance, Fragment #2: The Video and Fragment #3: The Installation

FRAGMENT #1- The Performance

The stage part has been initiated first as a residency at Cloud Den Haag and afterwards developed and completed at Codarts Alumni Program and AnaMorphic Studio.

By using the principals of gravity the author came up with a virtuosic method, which generates movements and highlights a certain flow within them. The reality is transforming into a subtle parallel world, where gravitation has a different magnetic force than we know.


The dancers find themselves floating in a Universe where the process of energies, colliding and interacting with surfaces, is as straight forward as physical chemistry.

FRAGMENT #2-The Video

The dance film, also called ‘Trapped’, is an attempt to break the conventional perception for the dimensions and define gravity with moving bodies.

It represents on a physical level the need to free our mind from anything that is holding it back and look at this world from a lighter, gentle and delicate perspective.

FRAGMENT #3-The Installation

This site-specific part is a dance solo taking place on indoor location. The body of the dancer is standing anti-gravity in an integrated room in the room.

The audience observes a human figure achieving powerful weightless atmosphere with the support of unnoticeable net in the space.

Moving in soft and organic ways, the performer is leaning off balance in a beautiful interaction with gravity, turning this physical law into optional choice.