Masked Reflection: Form & Content

Masked Reflection: Form & Content

This solo dance performance is built on the various meanings of reflection: from the scenography where a TL rectangle placed in the shape of window, casts light on the surface of the floor, creating a space to dance and a place for contemplation.

In this light installation Velchev creates tension by juxtaposing shape and substance, surface and depth, movement and sound, investigating the question: is what we see necessarily what we get?

He first appears as a twirling sculptural form, a masked head, devoid of body. Movement sequences are accompanied with the rhythmic pulsing of four metronomes and changing light effects. In a transition moment the dancer’s body emerging with robotic movement but with a strong emotional musical score.

With new technologies challenging our understanding of what is true, we can’t always recognize what is of real quality and value. Furthermore, the media often covers up important events and manipulate people by representing frivolous things in glamorous packaging.

Accordingly, we are often confronted with what is meaningful in our lives. The performance is built on these reflections. Velchev uses optics and visual perceptions to illuminate the superficial and unmask the significant.

Choreography, light design and performance: Svetlin Velchev
Artistic assistant: George Stamenov
Artistic consultant and text: Barbara Krulik
Soundscape and piano score: Stanislav Genadiev
Photography / Collages: Jagoda Bobrowska
Graphic Design: Mihail Mihaylov
Camera: Rene Struijs
Edit: Svetlin Velchev