Landscape Interventions: First Aid By Art

Landscape Interventions: First Aid By Art

Nature observes how we neglect our world. Rivers ain’t running deep no more. Trees witness us getting low on clean air. Mountains listen to our polluted lies. Animals dying for no reason. We are on fire, ready to jeopardise everything, taking for granted our resources, sinking in plastic, turning all places into a wasteland. We need a remedy and by any means not medical, but cultural.

Each chapter will be inspired by some of the most threatened natural habitats, which are link to the fundamental cycle of elements needed for existence and life in our world.

The idea shares the urge to rediscover and reveal the true power of nature and express that in art exhibit goal with visual art, movement & sound.

Landscape Interventions: First Aid By Art
Concept & performance: Svetlin Velchev
Light design: Damian Castel, Pierre Mollet
Costume & Technical Support: Madzia Urbanik, Ulla Misterion Sound: Miojy Thieda Camera & Edit: Jagoda Bobrowska

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