Circle Rotterdam

Circle Rotterdam

Svetlin Velchev has been teaching contemporary dance classes at Circle in the span years between 2011 and 2016. He has been also an advisory on the Board since October 2011.

THE ORGANISATION Founded in 2011, CIRCLE Dance is a Rotterdam based dance organization mainly focused on professional dance training, whose activities revolve around exchange and emphasize on development in the dance scene. The wide range of different classes, workshops and presentations by CIRCLE Dance are a result of active pursuits with educational, inquisitive and representative nature. Our purpose is non-governmental, non-commercial and purely cultural, aesthetic and artistic.

CIRCLE Dance is a home of numerous dance teachers, choreographers and performers, linked by the organization with a common goal and principles in the professional field.

CIRCLE Dance aims to be a network for new contacts, a hotspot for new meetings and a basis for new collaborations. The organization’s inventive ways are establishing a unifying factor that is the reason for a creative process and genuine atmosphere, making direct open communication and democratic manners a primary method to connect professionals, admirers and business partners.

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