All is Everywhere

All is Everywhere

Time has no delay as we move to the next day. I was thinking what do I want to be, I was wondering where do I want to go. My mind is overloaded with computer screens and MP3’s, suitcases and alarms, airplanes, cell phones and desire for speed. There must be something less prosaic about this reality.

Material resistance is no longer part of the equation. Are there limits anymore and what are they..?
We can do what we like anywhere.

Rush, arguments, unexpected changing circumstances, blurred boundaries between the public and the private, between media and reality…

The acceleration is high. And I cannot find peace of mind today, lush life just for the hell of it – cyber, hedonistic and for granted, everything is hype.
We got it all – everywhere.

Concept and choreography: Svetlin Velchev
Scenography, costumes and lights: Hinke Hoeksma
Music: Marieke van de Ven
Performers: Ilse Orozco, Michael Hafliger, Sayo Homma, Michal Szhimanski