Manifest Dance Company

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Svetlin Velchev is an independent choreographer / performer with training in Classical and Contemporary dance, whose personal artistic signature is based on a crossed-over relationship between light design, movement and sound.

In 2012 Svetlin founded MANIFEST Dance Company, which has a mission to be accessible to broad audiences, inspire other artists, provoke interest in young or non-professionals and provide cognitive understanding for dance in the ordinary public.


About me

About me

Merging sound, light and bodies in space to achieve powerful image is what the essence of my work is about.

The light design and the location often determine how the choreography will be displayed in the spectator’s eye. My movement signature can be characterized by the fluid execution of coordinated and articulated dance sequences, performed 3D by the body.

I express my ideas and execute each piece through different practices, which varies from photography, video and installation to site-specific locations and traditional theatre stage performance. My creations are about spirit, freedom, and personality – willing to inspire people to be alive and active. Abstract minimal art, street culture, digital and set design, geometry, human relations, absurd reality, social causes and ideals, morality and literature inspire the content of my work. 

Chasing high standards and quality are primary criterion when composing a piece or delivering a production. I am also interested in collaborations with composers, photographers, VJ's and fashion, light or sound designers. I want to make the spectator think about how one relates to our environment, the outside world or society. Awakening interest, which resonates with everyone universally. 


Svetlin Tsvetoslavov Velchev 
Born on 4th November 1985 in Sofia, Bulgaria

After an extensive dance education at NUTI Sofia and CODARTS Rotterdam, Svetlin Velchev developed a significant dance vocabulary - fusion of Floor Release and Cunningham techniques. His creations are multidisciplinary and unconventional; the style is minimalistic, draws on science fiction imagery and is concentrated on powerful visuals.


2009-2011 CODARTS Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Choreography / Contemporary dance
Diploma BA Choreographer

1999-2004 NUTI The National School of Dance Art Sofia, Bulgaria

Balet / Contemporary dance
Diploma Professional dancer


Own Work:

2016 'Monologue' - TRIZAVISIM Sofia, Bulgaria; DNA Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance Sofia, Bulgaria;

ITF Varna Summer Festival, Bulgaria; Festival aan de Maas Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2016 'Masked Reflection: Form & Content' - Museumnacht 010, Phoebus Gallery Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2015 'Contra Chrono Chorea'  A/V Installation Video Dance Works 2012 - 2015 OT301 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2015 'URBS LUX' Video Dance Reel for Cognition Limited

2015 'Limitation Sky' - Winterwolven IIII Radicals Roodkapje Rotterdam, The Netherlands / Highs & Lows 4bid Gallery Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2014 'Monologues / Dialogues' -  Solar Nights Oostblok Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2014 'Monologues / Dialogues' -  The Boiler Room DI U&A Het Huis Utrecht / OT301 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2014 'Limitation Sky' / 'Fragment #3' - BIACI 1st International Biennial of Contemporary Art Cartagena, Colombia

2013 'Fresques' Conny Janssen Danst ZOUT XL, Rotterdamse Schouwburg Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2013 'Breaking Habits' - Breaking the Waves Festival Bergen, The Netherlands / 24UUR Cultuur Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2013 'Fragment #1' - FRINGE Festival Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 'Fragments Trilogy' - CLOUD Den Haag, The Netherlands / OT301 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 'Limitation Sky' - Balkan Snapshots CREA Amsterdam / AWA Gallery Amsterdam /

 Stripped Down Dance Saloon Theatre Perdu Amsterdam / 24 UUR Cultuur Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2012 'Kinesthetics' - State-X New Forms Den Haag, The Netherlands

2012 'Breathe On' - OT301 Amsterdam / Cinedans Shorts Amsterdam / Jumping Frames Hong Kong / Videoholica Varna / POOL Video Dance Night Berlin

2011-present Teacher / Choreographer at CIRCLE Rotterdam 

Performing Experience:

2016 'Prop Replica' by Irina Osterberg - Galerie Gabriel Rolt Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016 'Sculpting Fear' by ISM & HEIT / Julian Hetzel - Vabalava Tallinn, Estonia; Auawirleben Bern, Switzerland; Malta Festival Poznan, Poland

2015 'Sculpting Fear' by ISM & HEIT / Julian Hetzel - SPRING Utrecht, The Netherlands; Spielart Munich, Germany; The Old Market Brighton, UK

2014 'Zero Zero' by CLANCARNAL / Gabriella Maiorino - Dans in de Stad Eupen, Belgium

2013 'Zero Zero' by CLANCARNAL / Gabriella Maiorino - Museumnacht Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 'Table' by Yael Davids - Museum De Paviljoens Almere, The Netherlands


2008-2010 HUMARTS / Ivo Dimchev Brussels



Masked Reflection: Form & Content

Masked Reflection: Form & Content

The new solo work by choreographer Svetlin Velchev is to be seen performed during this year's edition of Museumnacht at Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

His short duration performance, Masked Reflection: Form & Content, will take place in the Phoebus Rotterdam Gallery within a light installation.

This solo dance performance is built on the various meanings of reflection: from the scenography where a TL rectangle placed before the window, casts light on the surface of the floor, creating a space to dance and a place for contemplation. In this light installation Velchev creates tension by juxtaposing shape and substance, surface and depth, movement and sound, investigating the question: is what we see necessarily what we get? 

He first appears as a twirling sculptural form, a masked head, devoid of body. Movement sequences are accompanied with the rhythmic pulsing of four metronomes and changing light effects. In a transition moment the dancer’s body emerging with robotic movement but with a strong emotional musical score.

With new technologies challenging our understanding of what is true, we can't always recognize what is of real quality and value. Furthermore, the media often covers up important events and manipulate people by representing frivolous things in glamorous packaging. Accordingly, we are often confronted with what is meaningful in our lives. The performance is built on these reflections. Velchev uses optics and visual perceptions to illuminate the superficial and unmask the significant.

On the Museumnacht, Saturday 5 March 2016Masked Reflection: Form & Content will be performed three times at 21:00h; 22:00h; 23:00h.

Choreography, soundscape, light design and performance: Svetlin Velchev

Artistic consultant: Barbara Krulik

Piano score: Stanislav Genadiev

Photography / Collages: Jagoda Bobrowska

Graphic Design: Mihail Mihaylov 



The duet Monologue is an architectonic contemporary dance piece executed in a location set as an installation – a piece representing a paradoxical world and the eventual rebuilding of a new better place.


The audience observes the workflow of the two performers who play the role of engineers on aconstruction site, building parallel realities, creators of their own destiny. Depending on the timeand space, the pathways of the performers unaware of the other’s presence find points ofdivergence eventually their intersection reveals a common ground.The work reflects on distopic social disaffection and how it can pave an easy path to ignorance,envy and hatred. In our desensitized society human emotions are suppressed leaving one numband callous. Love, compassion, and mutual understanding are no longer; people forget toconnect to the small, casual or even important moments.Monologue is a continuation in the ongoing research of choreographer Svetlin Velchev about theimportance and power of movement to communicate the notion of contradiction as a basic featureof reality.This work is a sequel to a series of multi-disciplinary projects that investigates the concepts ofaffection, closure, privacy and distance between us as individuals. Have dichotomous trendsreshaped society and how has this emerged in a new era that is completely different than in pastdecades.

'Monologue' was created as part of 'triZavisim' - an initiative of the Guild of Contemporary Performing Arts at SAB, together with the Cultural Foundation A25.

It has been implemented within Residence program at Derida Dance Center Sofia. 

Monologue was presented at DNA Space for Contemporary dance and Performance, ITF Varna Summer 2016, Festival aan de Maas Rotterdam

Concept, choreography, scenography, costumes and light design: Svetlin Velchev
Artistic consultant: Barbara Krulik
Technical assistant: Iasen Georgiev
Sound: Random Inc.
Photography: Maritsa Kolcheva
Performers: Stanislav Genadiev and Violeta Vitanova

Urbs Lux

Urbs Lux

‘Urbs Lux’ is a contemporary dance video art; a creation conceived in April 2015 as a collaborative project between choreographer Svetlin Velchev, sound designer Stanislav Genadiev – Genda and the street apparel clothing brand ‘Cognition Limited’.

‘Urbs Lux’ is an abstract cityscape of lights, buildings, locations and shadows. Literally translated from Latin ‘Urbs Lux’ means ‘City Light’ and is inspired by the surrounding urban environment at night.

In the video a dancing couple, representing the street culture, is going through transformation by exploring different whereabouts. The captured city spirit amplifies freedom and choice, the longing for other places, displaying attraction or distance between us as individuals. The video is filmed at both Dutch cities Amsterdam and Rotterdam, highlighting their industrial contemporary architecture.

Please check the video in the portfolio/video section.

Svetlin Velchev

Stanislav Genadiev – GENDA

Svetlin Velchev

Mario Markov

Georgi Stamenov
Radoslav Draganov

Technical support:
Jagoda Bobrowska

Lars Wettmann

Cognition Limited

Kim Hoogterp

Svetlin Velchev

Highs & Lows #8

Highs & Lows #8

by 4bid Gallery Amsterdam

Limitation Sky was performed during the 8th edition of Highs & Lows.

Highs & Lows is an evening of performances at OT301, Amsterdam curated by 4bid Gallery. The night offers a rich program focused on high quality work that is experimental, daring, unfunded, collaborative, result of research or works in progress.

The monthly event hosts international artists who bring their work to the OT301 premises. The organizers accommodate the needs of each performance by showing the pieces in the spaces that most suits its presentation: the studios/theatre, the gallery, in between spaces, leading the audience through different experiences during the evening.

Solar Nights

Solar Nights

Monologues / Dialogues was performed during the 4th issue of Solar Nights at Oostblok Amsterdam.

Solar Nights is an exciting performance event with mixed disciplines: music, live performances, dance, poetry, film and visual art that come together at Oostblok theatre in the east of Amsterdam.

For information visit or


Winterwolven Radicals

Winterwolven Radicals

Winterwolven IIII Radicals by Roodkapje Rotterdam presented Limitation Sky

Winterwolven is a multidisciplinary performance-festival, where the newest of the new art comes together. It is the cutting edge showcase where art and entertainment merge.

The upcoming theme of WINTERWOLVEN revolves around being RADICAL. The political term, radicalism, focuses on altering social structures through revolutionary means and changing value systems in fundamental ways. Pulling them from the roots! Roodkapje tends to go against the grain. Not to shock,provoke or insult, but to wake people up and make them think about what exactly one is ‘supposed’ to do.

The Boiler Room

The Boiler Room

The new performance Monologues/Dialogues was made for Contemporary Dance Platform DI U&A and performed at Het Huis Utrecht and OT301 Amsterdam

The Boiler Room is an initiative of Contemporary Dance Platform: DI Utrecht & Amsterdam, which intends to set regular performances in instant composition with live music and contemporary dance, based on improvisation. These monthly performances have an experimental character; contribute to an unconventional means of expression through movement and sound, which confronts the traditional dance performance experience and enhance the cultural dance scene. The Boiler Room is a platform for different dance makers that are invited to curate the various editions.

I created Monologues/Dialogues, which was the May 2014 edition - a work in two parts, inspired by the notion of contradictions as a nature of reality. The show took place on 11th May 2014 at Het Huis Utrecht and on 15th May 2014 at OT301 Amsterdam.

Biennial Colombia

Biennial Colombia

MANIFEST Dance Company at BIACI 1st International Biennial of Contemporary Art Cartagena, Colombia!

MANIFEST Dance Company toured in March 2014 to Colombia, South America where I performed both my solo works - Limitation Sky and Fragment #3 during BIACI 1st International Biennial of Contemporary Art Cartagena. 

The Biennial is created with the idea of further enhancing Cartagena as a center for the arts by incorporating the visual arts along with the existing presence of music, dance, literature, and film, and other cultural manifestations already emblematic to the city, for the cultural enrichment of the community.

BIACI brings together artists from different countries whose works were exhibited throughout the city of Cartagena and included painting, sculpture, photography, electronic and audiovisual media, installation and performance. Barbara Krulik curated the performance program.

The city of Cartagena de Indias was a designated city by UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its monumental battlement walls and Spanish Colonial architecture. Special attention was given to site-specific work in the Biennial to bring emhpasis to the architecture and history of the city's past and how it is manifested in the present.

Une Matinee des Rejetes

Une Matinee des Rejetes

The male solo Limitation Sky was presented at 24UUR Cultuur Rotterdam Fall 2013.

Limitation Sky was part of a matinee of performances at De Machinist, called Une Matinee des Rejetes, curated by Driewieler Collectief for 24 UUR Cultuur Rotterdam.

24UUR Cultuur Rotterdam

24UUR Cultuur Rotterdam

The piece Breaking Habits for CIRCLE Rotterdam was to be seen twice at De Gouvernestraat during 24UUR Cultuur 2013!

Both works of mine, Breaking Habits and Limitation Sky, were presented during the 24 UUR Cultuur Rotterdam. Breaking Habits was shown at De Gouvernestraat and Limitation Sky at De Machinist as a part of a performance program, called Une matinee des rejetes.

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Contact Me

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